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Wartner Cryo Wart Remover: reviews, instructions for use and composition

What is a wart, everyone knows.It does not cause its owner pain, but delivers aesthetic discomfort. It spoils the appearance of the skin, has the ability to grow and increase. Her appearance, as a rule, provokes a human papillomavirus. To cope with a similar ailment will help the "Wartner Cryo". The reviews say that with the use of this drug the wart disappears just before the eyes.

Composition and form of release

A remedy for warts is produced ina 50 ml aerosol can. Contains a combination of dimethyl ether and propane. It is absolutely safe for the environment. The cartridge has a holder for reusable use. Complete with the drug "Wartner Cryo" (reviews note the importance of compliance with the instructions, otherwise you can not achieve the desired result) there are twelve disposable applicators designed for the appropriate number of procedures and a reusable reusable pen. Here is the instruction for use.


Medicinal product "Wartner Cryo" (reviewssome people note that, despite compliance with all the rules of use, the neoplasm has not disappeared) is intended to eliminate common and plantar warts.

About the action of the drug

The basis of the drug is the methodcryotherapy. A preparation for warts measuring less than 7.5 mm is used. "Wartner Cryo" (reviews of some people say that the drug well removes ordinary and newly emerged formations, and against the old, plantar and large it is powerless) is an effective and safe means to eliminate warts at home.

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The product freezes the build-up to the bottom.After application on education of a medicine, slight burning and blanching of the skin can be felt. After the procedure, the shade of the skin is restored, and the burning takes place within 2-3 hours.

After the skin has gone from freezing tothe place of the wart may appear red spot. This is due to the fact that under the influence of cold on the skin for several days under the wart formed a bubble, which is not visually determined. By the end of therapy, the skin is restored and acquires a natural color. The course of treatment lasts 10-14 days.

Side effects

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Fully corresponds to the effectiveness of the "Wartner Cryo" from warts price. Reviews of some people say that the cost of the drug is too high and this makes them look for cheaper analogs.

When treating a drug, it is necessary to take into account the side effects that result from its use. These include:

  • the appearance of an ischemic ring in the area of ​​application of the drug, which eventually disappears;
  • damage to the skin (scars, trauma to nerve endings, etc.) that occurs when the medication is misused;
  • local trauma of healthy tissues around the wart;
  • blister and soreness;
  • depigmentation of the dermis;
  • slight frostbite.

To avoid negative reactions during and after the procedure, it is important to use the drug in accordance with the instructions for use.

Contraindications to application

Details about the rules of holdingmeasures and possible negative phenomena when using the drug "Wartner Cryo" instruction. The reviews point out that the drug works much more efficiently than folk remedies. Before beginning the removal, make sure that the skin is really a wart, not another formation.

The procedure should only be carried out by adultspeople. It is not recommended for children less than four years old. It is not possible to resort to such activities for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Contraindication is diabetes mellitus, as with a similar diagnosis, tissues are hard to recover and heal. With special care, people with circulatory disorders should use the medicine. It is impossible to apply "Wartner Cryo" in particularly sensitive places. This face, chest, armpits, neck, buttocks and intimate area.

Prohibition to use the drug aredermatological diseases, irritation of the skin, redness, inflammation, itching, swelling. It is not recommended to apply the product from warts in areas with damaged skin (wounds, abrasions, cracks, scratches).

You can not apply the drug to birthmarks, birthmarks of dark color, a zone of pigmentation and the formation of an unclear genesis, including malignant growths.

About precautions

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"Wartner Cryo" - gel from warts (reviews)say that the remedy perfectly removes plantar growths in 2-3 procedures), it should be used with the precise certainty that this formation is a wart.

The drug is for local use only.use. It can not be inhaled and applied inside. The procedure should be in a well-ventilated room. After this event, you should thoroughly wash your hands, without affecting the treated area of ​​the body.

Applied "Wartner Cryo" is applied onlydisposable nozzles. Each applicator is used for one wart and only once. When processing the formation should not affect healthy skin. The maximum treatment time for an ordinary wart should not exceed 20 seconds, and the plantar wart should be 40.

If there is pallor of the surrounding cutaneouscover, then the procedure is terminated. In the presence of multiple warts, the removal of a single formation is carried out. Do this with an interval of two weeks.

Large and old formations are removed more difficultly.In this case, it is necessary to carry out not one but two or more procedures. The interval between events is two weeks. If the wart does not go away, after the third session, you should see a doctor.

Terms of use

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Wartner Cryo Wart Removershould be used according to the instructions. For 10-14 days after applying the drug, warts are sloughing off. For large and old formations, 2-3 sessions may be necessary. If after two weeks the wart remains in place, then it can be re-treated. A new applicator should be used for each procedure. If the formation has not disappeared after the third treatment, then you should consult a specialist.

The entire procedure for removing warts is divided into four simple steps:

  1. Take the applicator for the blue area with your thumb and forefinger. Lightly press on it until the hole is formed. Insert the rod of the applicator holder into it.
  2. Take the balloon and put it in a vertical position.Keep away from yourself and inflammable objects. Attach the holder with the applicator to the recess located on top of the aerosol can. One hand holds the drug at the bottom, another presses the applicator holder for three seconds. At this time, a hissing sound is heard.
  3. Remove the holder with the wart tool from the balloon and wait for twenty seconds. During this time, the temperature on the applicator impregnated with the coolant decreases.
  4. Apply the applicator to the formation. If this is an ordinary wart, then for 20 seconds, if plantar by 40. There should be continuous contact with the problem zone.

During the procedure, there may be a slight discomfort in the form of burning, this indicates the effect of cold on the skin.

At the end of the event, you must wait twominutes and using the tissue to pull the applicator out of the holder. It can not be touched by hands, since it is possible to infect the healthy skin with the papilloma virus.

Before removing the plantar wart,dip your feet in a warm bath for five minutes. After that, the formation is treated with a file. If necessary, then after the procedure, the area of ​​the wart can be sealed with a plaster to protect against pressure and rubbing while wearing shoes.

After the procedure

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To successfully complete the process, the following rules should be observed:

  • the treated area of ​​the skin should be kept clean;
  • You can visit the swimming pool and take water treatments (showers);
  • You can not comb and pierce the blister, the wart after the procedure;
  • If there is discomfort, the treated area can be covered with a patch;
  • if there is pain, burning, swelling, etc. in the cold treatment area, consult a doctor.

This simple procedure, if all the rules are followed, will necessarily yield the desired result and help to avoid side effects.

Shelf life and retention rules

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Do not use the product at the end of the periodon the packaging and on the bottom of the cylinder. The product is flammable, therefore it should be used in a well-ventilated area, where the distance to the incandescence is at least one meter. The same applies to power supplies. Do not leave unpaid cigarettes next to the product and do not smoke. Aerosol cans are protected from direct sunlight and do not heat up to +50 ° C or more.

The balloon is sprayed only on a hard surface and in an upright position. It can not be pierced, set on fire or given to children.

Store the product should be at a temperature not exceeding +25 ° C, in a dry and cool place.

The expiration date of the aerosol is two years.

Wartner Cryo from warts: price

Reviews of people who fully followedinstructions when removing the wart, speak only of a positive result. They do not mind the cost of the drug, which fluctuates around 650-750 rubles. It is believed that this is the result obtained from the use of the drug "Wartner Cryo". The price (reviews of some citizens consider it overstated and offer to try cheaper tools that are not inferior in their effectiveness) is for most people available and therefore not so often causes censures from consumers.

The drug can be purchased in almost any pharmacy and it is dispensed without a doctor's prescription.

"Wartner Cryo" from warts: reviews

warner cryo gel from warts reviews

Despite the fact that the drug has helped many and alreadyproved its effectiveness, opinions about it were very different. At some at use of this agent the wart melted simply on eyes. In others, education disappeared on the 4th-7th day after the session, mostly dried up and fell off. The third to achieve the desired effect was not one procedure. Basically, these were people with a plantar wart. They say that the Wartner Crio is well relieved of papillomas. The reviews state that such growths occur after the first session and no longer occur.

There are people who did not help this drug.Warts in them remained in place both after the first and after the second and third applications. In this case, the formations were large and obsolete. Some people used the tool not according to instructions and therefore did not receive the desired result.

Basically gives a lasting and effective result"Wartner Cryo" from warts. Feedback and instructions are strongly advised to adhere to all rules of use and to use caution during the procedure.