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Common folk remedies for constipation in adults

Under constipation it is customary to understand a fairly rare ordifficulty bowel movement, and bowel evacuation may not be observed within two to three days. Accompany this phenomenon may be discomfort in the stomach and intestines, gassing and dizziness, as well as general malaise.

folk remedies for constipation in adults
Of course, in the case of a long absenceDefecation should take certain measures, for example, can help folk remedies for constipation in adults. It is worth noting that folk medicine is considered more sparing, because it does not have too harmful effects on other organs. In principle, the primary means of constipation in adults are mandatory compliance with a certain diet, a balanced diet, as well as exercise. Only this will help prevent the lack of defecation. However, if the problem is already present, then some folk remedies for constipation in adults should be tried.

Folk wisdom suggests with constipation to drink juicealoe, fresh potatoes, and also try pickled cabbage brine. It is advisable that the cabbage is homemade. Another method that has a preventive effect is the frequent eating of green apples, which have a beneficial effect on the digestive system as a whole. However, do not forget about the need to find out what nature constipations have in adults. Folk remedies should be chosen depending on the cause of the stagnation of stool.

constipation in adults folk remedies
Most often, alternative medicine offersuse medicines of natural origin, in particular, senu, also called the Alexandrine leaf. In addition, the output of stool is promoted by extracts of buckthorn, plantain and rhubarb. Of course, any folk remedies for constipation in adults should be taken with a certain regimen and dosage. At the same time, alternative medicine provides special recipes for preparing decoctions to obtain the desired effect. Take, for example, infusion on the root of horse sorrel, which should be prepared as follows: pour two tablespoons of dry mixtures with half a liter of boiling water and hold in a water bath for half an hour. But at the same time to use such a drug should be a whole glass for the night, otherwise, the desired effect will not be.

In addition, do not forget aboutpreventive folk remedies for constipation in adults, which must be introduced into your daily diet. An example of such products may be olive or linseed oil, which is preferably consumed on a tablespoon daily on an empty stomach.

means for constipation in adults
However, do not forget that even those fundsfolk medicine, which seem to you the most harmless, can cause some damage to the body. Therefore, preliminary consultation with a doctor is a necessary measure. It is desirable to purchase traditional medicine in pharmacy chains, where you can meet a large number of different herbal dues.