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Rectoscopy: what is it? Preparation for examination and manipulation

Rarely do people turn toproctologists. And this is wrong: if in the early stages some pathologies can be easily diagnosed and eliminated, then after a while serious treatment is required. In this article we will talk about a procedure called rectoscopy. What is it, you will learn further. Also worth mentioning is how to prepare for manipulation.

rectoscopy what it is

Rectoscopy: what is it?

This procedure is a kind of wayexamination of the human intestine. It occurs without the use of anesthesia in the proctologist's office. In some cases, manipulation can be performed on the day the patient turns to the doctor. More often, however, preliminary preparation is required.

Rectoscopy of the rectum is performed with the help ofA special device that looks like a tube. At the end of this unit there is a replaceable nozzle, to which the lighting device and the air supply system are connected.

What are the indications for manipulation?

  • Rectoscopy (what it is, you already know) is often held by individuals after 45 years. At this age, patients are most prone to developing bowel pathologies.
  • Also the diagnosis is carried out in the presence of complaints (periodic bleeding, pain and abundant separation of mucus).
  • If there is a suspicion of the appearance of neoplasms in the intestine (cysts, polyps, etc.), it is necessary to make a similar diagnosis.


Are there any contraindications to the examination?

Is there any contraindication to rectoscopy? What is it, we already found out. Doctors strongly do not recommend manipulation with exacerbation of hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

If an intestinal obstruction is detected ora strong inflammation of the body, it is worth to abandon the examination indefinitely. Doctors try not to perform rectoscopy without preliminary preparation of the patient.

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How is intestinal rectoscopy performed?

As you already know, the procedure is performed inoffice of the proctologist and does not require hospitalization and preliminary anesthesia. The patient is placed on the couch in a position on the left side. After that, ask to take a deep breath. At this time, the doctor lubricates the tip of the rectoscope abundantly and rotates it into the anal opening. The initial advance is 3-4 centimeters.

Further, the medic performs air throughA special device that resembles a pump. When the intestine expands to the required size, the doctor asks the patient to exhale and pushes the device even further. If suddenly there is an obstacle on the way of the device, then pushing it categorically is contraindicated. Inspection in this case is carried out at the selected level.


Do you need preparation for manipulation?

Preparation for rectoscopy is required almost always. It consists in the observance of diet and the conduct of cleansing manipulations.

A few days before the procedure, the patientIt is forbidden to eat any gas-forming dishes and fermentation products. These include vegetables and fruits, carbonated drinks and alcohol, beans and bread. Most often, doctors provide a special list, in which the bans are detailed.

It is also necessary to clean the intestines.You can do this with laxatives or enema. If you regularly have a natural cleansing of the intestine, then you can not use the described methods. Before manipulation, you should not eat. In some cases, the doctor may allow the patient to drink a glass of water.

preparation for rectoscopy

What are the advantages of diagnostics?

Rectoscopy of the rectum has a lot of advantages.The most important of them is that during the examination the doctor can take the material for a biopsy. Such examination is necessarily shown to those people who have detected neoplasm in the intestine. If to compare diagnostics with a computer tomography, then the last examination does not allow to conduct such a fence of material.

It should be noted speed and simplicitydiagnostics. Rectoscopy reviews are positive because of the fact that immediately after diagnosis the patient can go home. In this case, there is no need to take medications and various reconstitutive drugs.

Relatively inexpensive cost of the procedureis another undoubted advantage. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging are several times more expensive than rectoscopy. The price category of manipulation is in the range from 500 to 2000 rubles. In public institutions, doctors do the survey for free. It should be noted that the queue is very rare. While a computed tomography should be recorded for several months.

how to properly prepare for intestinal rectoscopy

Summing up and a small conclusion

You have learned what rectoscopy is. You have found out the methods of conducting the procedure and the ways of preparing for it. Also now you know about the advantages of this manipulation.

If you have been assigned a similar diagnosis, thenworth the time. The earlier you perform the examination, the faster you will be able to find out about a possible ailment and carry out treatment. Intestinal pathologies are one of the most dangerous, since they are rarely manifested by any symptoms. Address to physicians for carrying out of a rectoscopy. Good diagnostic results for you!